Contemporary Classical Architecture

John B. Murray

Text by (art/photo books) Elizabeth Brooke Murray, Foreword by Bunny Williams
Through this presentation of fifteen residences, John B. Murray demonstrates the successful juxtaposition of classical elements in a contemporary context.

John B. Murray is a recognized ...

City Green

Public Gardens of New York

Written by Jane Garmey, Photographer Mick Hales
Gardens are an integral part of any cityscape, and New York City boasts a wealth of outdoor spaces that enhance the urban environment and provide ...

Everyday Sketching and Drawing

Five Steps to a Unique and Personal Sketchbook Habit

Written by Steven B. Reddy, Foreword by Gary Faigin, Afterword by Stephanie Bower
Everyday Sketching and Drawing offers an easy-to-follow, 5-step formula, which teaches beginner-friendly techniques for learning the skills necessary to make drawing and sketching an everyday ... Lost%20Vanguard

Rene Gonzalez Architects

Not Lost in Translation

Written by Rene Gonzalez, Beth Dunlop, Caroline Roux
As one of Miami’s most influential architects, Rene Gonzalez revolutionizes the way luxury buildings are equipped for climate change. Tactile, experiential, and holistic, the work ... Lost%20Vanguard

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