A Duane Michals Primer

Written by Duane Michals
The legendary photographer relates intimate themes of his life and art in a scrapbook memoir illustrated by his works—from portraits of Magritte to Warhol, to ...

Artfully Modern

Interiors by Richard Mishaan

Written by Richard Mishaan, Judith Nasatir
Interior designer Richard Mishaan believes that all furniture and decorative accessories with inherently good form can be combined successfully regardless of style, period, or price. ...

Midcentury Houses Today

Written by Lorenzo Ottaviani, Jeffrey Matz, Cristina A. Ross
Architects Philip Johnson, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Eliot Noyes, Edward Durell Stone, and others created an extraordinary collection of modern houses in New Canaan, Connecticut, ... Lost%20Vanguard

New York's Underground Art Museum

MTA Arts and Design

Written by Sandra Bloodworth, William Ayres, Foreword by Stanley Tucci
Initiated in 1985, the MTA Arts & Design collection of public art now encompasses more than 250 projects, creating a dynamic underground museum of contemporary ... Lost%20Vanguard

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