About Us

The Monacelli Press is a leading publisher of books on architecture, the fine arts, interior design, landscape architecture, photography, and graphic design. Publisher Gianfranco Monacelli conceived the venture as a distinct and stimulating voice in the visual arts to reinterpret and challenge the conventional boundaries of the field, to bring forth the best, most provocative, and the most substantive of what the finest creative minds—and eyes—have to offer.

The Monacelli Press has published more than 250 books since it was established in 1994, books that are distinctive for both content and visual presentation. S,M,L,XL, by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau, is unsurpassed in its influence on design publishing—it is the book to which all architectural monographs are compared. New York 1880, New York 1960, and New York 2000, by Robert A. M. Stern and his editorial team, are similarly unmatched in their exhaustive presentations of the history of New York City.

The Press is also known for studies of historic and contemporary artists and architects; for perceptive photodocumentation of places and events; for exceptional volumes on traditional and contemporary interior design; for energetic collections of graphic and product design. The wide variety of subjects—Counterpoint: Daniel Libeskind in Conversation with Paul Goldberger; Harlem, Lost and Found, an evocative portrait of the Harlems of yesteryear; Towards a New Museum, the acclaimed study by Victoria Newhouse; Paris/New York: Design Fashion Culture 1925-1940, copublished with the Museum of the City of New York; Eric Fischl: 1970-2000; Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design, by famed interior designer Vicente Wolf; Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label—is a testament to the incisive and insightful approach of The Monacelli Press.

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