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Rene Gonzalez Architects

Not Lost in Translation

Written by Rene Gonzalez, Beth Dunlop, Caroline Roux
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: June 7, 2018
Price: $60.00
As one of Miami’s most influential architects, Rene Gonzalez revolutionizes the way luxury buildings are equipped for climate change. Tactile, experiential, and holistic, the work... Read More

Cuba Then

Revised and Expanded

Written by Ramiro Fern√°ndez, Foreword by Richard Blanco
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: May 29, 2018
Price: $40.00
Following on the success of the first edition of Cuba Then (2014), this revised and expanded edition introduces more than 100 dazzling new images that... Read More

Everyday Sketching and Drawing

Five Steps to a Unique and Personal Sketchbook Habit

Written by Steven B. Reddy, Foreword by Gary Faigin, Afterword by Stephanie Bower
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: April 19, 2018
Price: $24.00
Everyday Sketching and Drawing offers an easy-to-follow, 5-step formula, which teaches beginner-friendly techniques for learning the skills necessary to make drawing and sketching an everyday... Read More

Desert Gardens of Steve Martino

Written by Caren Yglesias, Foreword by Obie G. Bowman, Photographer Steve Gunther
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: April 3, 2018
Price: $50.00
This survey of twenty-one gardens by Steve Martino, whose work blends colorful, man-made elements with native plants to reflect the sun-drenched beauty of the desert,... Read More

City Green

Public Gardens of New York

Written by Jane Garmey, Photographer Mick Hales
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: March 20, 2018
Price: $50.00
Gardens are an integral part of any cityscape, and New York City boasts a wealth of outdoor spaces that enhance the urban environment and provide... Read More

Richard Filipowski

Art and Design Beyond the Bauhaus

Edited by Marisa Bartolucci, Foreword by Hattula Moholy-Nagy
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: February 6, 2018
Price: $60.00
In this, the first monograph of Richard Filipowski, a major figure bridging the Bauhaus and American midcentury modernism finally gets his due.

Richard Filipowski (1923-2008) was... Read More

The New Residential Colleges at Yale

A Conversation Across Time

Written by Robert A.M. Stern, Gideon Fink Shapiro, Foreword by Paul Goldberger
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: February 6, 2018
Price: $65.00
Celebrating Yale's first new residential colleges in fifty years, The New Residential Colleges at Yale examines the role of the residential college system and the... Read More

Classical Principles for Modern Design

Lessons from Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman's The Decoration of Houses

Written by Thomas Jayne
Format: Hardcover
On Sale: January 9, 2018
Price: $50.00
Interior designer and decorative arts historian Thomas Jayne takes on the redoubtable Edith Wharton and her co-author Ogden Codman, whose 1897 book The Decoration of... Read More

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