In our rapidly changing world, books remain uniquely suited to conveying ideas in a substantial and beautiful way. As a leading publisher of illustrated books for twenty-five years, Monacelli has challenged the conventions of publishing to produce provocative, inspiring, and essential titles on architecture, visual art, interior design, landscape architecture, photography, and applied arts. In 2020 Monacelli became an imprint of Phaidon Press, the world’s premier publisher of the creative arts.

Monacelli was founded in 1994 by Gianfranco Monacelli and launched with the seminal title,  S,M,L,XL  by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau, a groundbreaking monograph that remains unsurpassed in its influence on design and publishing. The press has produced more than 400 books in collaboration with prominent figures in diverse practices, including Robert A.M. SternRafael Moneo, Henry N. CobbOverUnderPiet OudolfKate OrffThomas Jayne, Ellie Cullman, and Marian Bantjes, among many others.

The applied arts imprint Monacelli Studio was launched in 2015, adding art instruction, photography technique, and crafts to the publisher’s roster. Its authors represent the leading artists and instructors in their fields, including Juliette AristidesSteven B. ReddyJ. C. AmberlynRoberto OstiRobert ZellerMario Andres Robinson, and Brenda Tharp.