Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book
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    October 13, 2015

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About the Author

Rony Tako is a Miami-based creative director adept in concept and design who doodles and draws under the name of OKAT. He's also the founder and editor of the popular online art collective Doodlers Anonymous, and is giddy about his love affair with T–shirt design, street art, and all things hand-drawn.
Hugo Seijas is a self-taught programmer who dreams in code and breathes life into websites. He is the cofounder and technical director of Doodlers Anonymous and is actively evolving the online platform to transform the way in which artists share their work.

Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book

An Extraordinary Mashup of Doodles and Drawings Begging to be Filled in with Color

Rony Tako (OKAT) and Hugo Seijas

This adult coloring book is like no other. It’s a beautiful, breathing, beating, eccentric mashup of pure hand-drawn goodness. The Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book is a compilation of offbeat illustration styles by 90 global contemporary artists bound together for your coloring pleasure.  

Doodlers Anonymous is the preeminent online home for creative inspiration, a vast resource of unconventional illustration art, and a platform for bringing exposure to both emerging and accomplished artists worldwide.

This book is made in the USA and printed on 100lb. Finch Opaque paper stock that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The book has printed inside covers and durable sewn binding, ensuring that the pages will lie flat for easy coloring.

Praise for Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book

"Trendy adult coloring books often differentiate themselves from the children’s variety by offering intricate or abstract designs, marketing themselves as a panacea for stress and a gateway drug that will help you tap into your long-lost creative powers by coloring between the lines. But most of the adult coloring books that cross my desk are created by single illustrators, whose style you might appreciate at first, only to find distractingly repetitive by the 15th illustration. Many of the books are geared toward grown-ups but are whimsical to the point of preciousness. Maybe that’s why a new book from Monacelli Studio stands out from the crowd. The Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book is a vibrant compilation of 90 black-and-white illustrations from as many artists around the world. The new book’s fun illustrations were culled from an open call on the site for submissions and run the gamut from free-spirited doodles to sophisticated line drawings of varying scenes in dozens of individual styles."