A Life of Style
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    August 23, 2010

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About the Author

Artist and designer Rebecca Moses is perhaps best known for her eponymous fashion label. She also designs the Rebecca Moses Heart Soul Style fashion and home collections. This is her first book.

A Life of Style

Fashion, Home, Entertaining

Rebecca Moses

Style is a reflection of who we are, where we come from, and what we have experienced—the good, the bad, and the indifferent. It is what makes us into the unique beings that we are.

Star fashion designer Rebecca Moses has devoted herself to crafting chic garments for stylish women world-wide. Underpinning her years of innovative design has been a series of questions: What is style? How does it evolve? And what can we do to develop our own style? A Life of Style  provides the answers. Consisting entirely of Moses’s inventive watercolors, which incorporate witty words of wisdom distilled from personal experience, A Life of Style encourages readers to draw upon and develop their innate style—traditional or modern, conservative or radical—and especially to cultivate the confidence to express themselves.

Rebecca Moses offers a style journey that is at once informative and imaginative. She persuades readers to listen to themselves and their instincts, to open their minds to new ways of thinking, and above all to search for inspiration. Once the style mind is engaged, she turns to fashion and beauty (“Don’t forget: We wear our clothes—they don’t wear us”), the home (“Creating a home is creating a world of your own”), and entertaining (“The best gift of all is the gift of relaxation and great pleasure”). Above all, says Moses, style is personal communication at its most profound, most ingenious, most original.

Style is not skin deep. It is soul deep. It is our most significant form of expression. It is how we communicate who we are to the world around us. It is our voice.

Praise for A Life of Style

"Colorful bangles, Pucci head scarves, and eccentrically upholstered Louis XIV chairs all pop off the pages of A Life of Style . . . lush chronicle."

"Both playful and thoughtful, Rebecca Moses brings a wonderfully light touch to her serious sense of style." — Anna Wintour

"Rebecca Moses’s A Life of Style is a charming personal analysis of that most elusive of gifts . . . style . . . and of how mysterious and captivating true style really is. Rebecca’s passion for all things design and her talent for illustration make this book a unique voyage into the life of a passionate devotee of the art of living!" — Vera Wang

"Thank goodness for Rebecca Moses new book, A Life of Style. When you're blue, this is the kind of book you need to read. Fashion designer Moses is a natural to write a book about style, or rather, a life of style."
—The Peak of Chic

"A Life of Style has engagingly quirky watercolors surrounded by words of wisdom, phrases and sayings that will capture you instantly."
—The Daily Basics

"Fashion, interior decorating, entertaining – they're all closely related, and no one knows this better than designer and style guru, Rebecca Moses. Her new book, A Life of Style, celebrates all three in a charming collection of inspiring quotes, helpful tips and whimsical illustrations."
- Laura Flanagan, About.com: Interior Decorating

"Live and breathe a life of style? Let fashion designer and (who knew) beautiful watercolorist Rebecca Moses walk you through her colorful primer that prompts the rhetorical question, “What is style?” then proceeds to answer it with clever and really very wise musings on how we can develop that innate sense of style that lies in each and every one of us."
- Paper City Mag.com