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    October 15, 2019

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About the Author

Todd M. Casey was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. His artistic education includes a BFA in Communication Design from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. After receiving his degree in 2001, he moved to New York City, where he worked as a Graphic Designer. He then moved to San Francisco to pursue a Masters in Animation at the Academy of Art. While taking the foundation classes for his MFA, he found a true passion in painting, and returned to New York City to the studio of Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier and began his classical painting training in 2007. In 2010, he finished his studies and began teaching at the Guild Atelier in Brooklyn, New York.
Casey's work, touches on more than simplistic, rigid realism. There is a haunting, nearly literary quality to each frame. A feeling that subjects are viewed from behind rain-kissed, mottled glass; burnished by enigmatic candlelight--or brushed by the soft, hazy edges of a half-remembered dream. Works that are classically styled, but progressive in approach-- fine, somber details, rendered with a clear, meticulous eye; and yet, somehow, subdued with a gentle, melancholic focus.
     His paintings have been honored with awards, several times in recent years. Most recently, he won first place 2 years in a row in the Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition, and first place in oil painting from the Allied Artists of America, in 2015. His work can be found in collections throughout the United States; and exclusively on the East Coast, at Rehs Contemporary Gallery, in Midtown New York City.
     Casey lives in New York, with his wife, Gina and baby daughter Scarlett.

Still Life Painting

A Contemporary Guide to Realistic Painting in the Classic Tradition

Todd M. Casey

A must-have reference book for today’s artists and art students.

Every artist needs to learn and master the still life. Written by a well-known artist and expert instructor, Still Life Painting offers a comprehensive, contemporary approach to the subject that instructs artists on the foundation basics and advanced techniques they need for successful drawing and painting. In addition to Casey’s stunning paintings, the work of over 50 past and present art masters is included, so that the book will do double-duty as a hard-working how-to book and a visual treasure trove of some of the finest still life art throughout history and being created today.