Bookstore Love: McNally Jackson Books

Bookstore Love: McNally Jackson Books

    February 6, 2019



    The Monacelli Press

We’ve been hearing a lot about New York bookstore McNally Jackson in the news lately because they were reported to be moving its flagship SoHo store, and then more recently reported to not be moving its flagship store, but we’re writing about McNally Jackson Books for a different reason. As part of a new series of blog posts, we’ll be spotlighting some favorite art bookstores and the arts sections of bookstores. We sat down with McNally’s art buyer Talyor Engel, who has been curating their art, photography, architecture, design, and interior books for the last year and a half. Taylor says,

I love getting the opportunity to spend time with artist’s books everyday and seeking out beautiful books to bring into the store. I love building relationships with independent publishers and working artists. And I love working with the people at McNally. We are a very special family. Working in a bookstore is really special because you learn so much about a vast amount of information. You’re surrounded by hundreds of thousands of books and are working with people that are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about so many ideas, books, films, music. We all have something going on.

Q&A with Taylor Engel

What do you think makes McNally Jackson stand out from other stores?

I think McNally has a different presence than the other stores because we are a little more refined and have a specific voice. We take our time with buying and try to seek out hidden gems and unique picks instead of the mainstream.

What type of books get you excited?

Currently I’m really jazzed by books that work in conjunction with video art, creating two separate conversations but working together to a form a larger idea.

From your observations, do you see any trend in art and design publishing right now?

A trend in art and design that I see frequently is probably showcasing a collection of things. I think it’s a very current idea of collecting one of something and seeing how many different variations exist within in.

What art or design topic do you wish someone would write a book about?

I’d love to read a book on the essence of a feeling from an experience. Let’s say on Halloween, but not talking about being spooked per se but the nostalgia and how that can be translated into an art form. I’m going to try to make it.

What’s the last book that you bought for yourself?

The last book I bought for myself was Stan Brackage’s Essential Brakhage: Selected Writings on Filmmaking. I’m very interested in film right now…


By the way, last year, Taylor helped us with WORKac‘s event about architectural monographs downstairs at McNally Jackson. You can watch it here: