Exhibitions We Recommend

Exhibitions We Recommend

    November 28, 2018



    The Monacelli Press

Subculture: Microbial Metrics and the Multi-Species City


New York City
Through January 12, 2019


Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street, New York, NY

Subculture questions the common perceptions of our interactions with the microscopic world, providing insight into the future of design. The exhibition brings together work in biology, data science, material science, and design to flip the notion of a “healthy” city on its sterile head. An active metagenomic sequencing laboratory in Storefront’s gallery space explores the invisible ecologies of our built environment, provoking deeper analysis of the character and evolution of the abundant genetic landscape of our cities.

Kevin Slavin / Elizabeth Hénaff / The Living (David Benjamin, John Locke, Danil Nagy, Damon Lau, Dale Zhao, Ray Wang, Jim Stoddart, Lorenzo Villaggi), in collaboration with Evan Eisman Company


Best book to pair with this exhibition:

Now We See Now

Now We See Now: Architecture and Research by The Living by David Benjamin chronicles the projects and findings of a firm that is charting bold new directions in generative design and other intersections of science and architecture.



Cuban Streams: 1855 – 1965


Through May 19, 2019


Miami Dade College’s Cuban Legacy Gallery
Freedom Tower, 600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Cuban Streams: 1855 – 1965, a multi-media installation by the Miami artist César Trasobares. The installation features captivating and immersive video projections that highlight historical photographs of the island nation from the collection of Ramiro A. Fernández. In 1980, Fernández began collecting photographs that chronicle more than 100 years of the visual heritage of Cuba. Trasobares has sequenced hundreds of these images to create videos that provide vivid evidence of a culture and people transitioning from colonial rule, evolving through decades of urban and social growth, and surviving momentous historical upheavals.


Best book to pair with this exhibition:

Cuba Then: Revised and Expanded
by Ramiro A. Fernández is a welcome new edition of this seductive and lush photographic survey of the small island that continues to fascinate the world.



Epic Designs. . . Tadao Ando & Le Corbusier


Through December 21, 2018


Lumiere Gallery
425 Peachtree Hills Ave NE, #29b, Atlanta, GA

Richard Pare’s elegant color photographs highlight the brilliance of Master Modernist Architects, Tadao Ando and Le Corbusier, from two recently released books, Le Corbusier: The Built Work and Tadao Ando: The Colours of Light Volume 1 (2nd Edition). Tour the space here.


Best book to pair with this exhibition:

Le Corbusier: The Built Work by Richard Pare with text by Jean-Louis Cohen is the most thoroughgoing survey of nearly all of Le Corbusier’s extant projects, beautifully photographed and authoritatively detailed.


Feature image: Subculture: Microbial Metrics and the Multi-Species City by Kevin Slavin, Elizabeth Hénaff, and David Benjamin / The Living. Photos by Rafael Gamo. Commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2018.