January 31: Berlin – Stephen Talasnik

January 31: Berlin – Stephen Talasnik

    January 18, 2019



    The Monacelli Press

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2019 (exhibition February 1–March 30)
Time: 7pm (19:00 CET)

LocationArchitektur Galerie Berlin SATELLIT, Karl-Marx-Allee 98, Berlin, Germany

Stephen Talasnik will unveil a new work that he has been constructing on-site at Architektur Galerie Berlin. As seen in his new monograph, Unearthed | Stephen Talasnik: Drawings, Sculpture, Installations, Talasnik’s sculptures transcend the boundaries between architecture and art in both directions: although they are reminiscent of structurally and technically complex constructions, as habitats they belie the primacy of artistic freedom. In this way, Talasnik’s sculptures balance structural necessity with spatial and formal experimentation. “Architecture without Architects” is how Talasnik describes the inspiration for his seemingly organic sculptures, which are developed without a plan: the form of Talasnik’s Hives is “unearthed” or dug out of the connection between the spatial framework—the bones—and only takes on its final shape once the skin, which is made out of strips of woven bamboo, is pulled over the supporting structure. Although the final result gives the impression of habitability and function, the Hives are actually a hybrid which combines the language of fictional structural engineering with that of dysfunctional architecture.

Talasnik’s two-month exhibition will open at 19:00 CET with remarks from Architektur Galerie Berlin director Ulrich Müller and an introduction by Frank Barkow.

Unearthed | Stephen Talasnik: Drawings, Sculpture, Installations