October 9: Houston – Helen Thompson & Casey Dunn

October 9: Houston – Helen Thompson & Casey Dunn

    October 9, 2018



    The Monacelli Press

Date: October 9, 2018
Time: Noon

Location: Houston Design Center, Thorntree Slate & Marble (7026 Old Katy Road, Showroom 167, Houston, Texas)

Helen Thompson - Texas Made/Texas Modern - The Monacelli PressLeading in Design: Fall Market 2018
Helen Thompson and Casey Dunn, the writer/photographer team that produced the exceptionally successful Marfa Modern, join forces again to investigate Texas modernism. Texas Made/Texas Modern is a compelling survey of Texas houses that draw both on the heritage of pioneer ranches and on the twentieth-century design principles of modernism. This presentation will include an illustrious panel of architects including:

Michael Hsu, Austin

Michael Morrow, Kinneymorrow Architects, Houston

Steve Raike, Lake/Flato, San Antonio

Casey Dunn, Architecture and Design Photographer, Austin

Helen Thompson (moderator)