Phaidon acquires The Monacelli Press

Phaidon acquires The Monacelli Press

    February 4, 2020



    The Monacelli Press

We at Monacelli are delighted to announce the beginning of a new chapter in our twenty-five-year history in joining the global arts and culture publisher Phaidon Press. We’ve long admired this publishing powerhouse, whose art, architecture, cooking, and design titles have defined illustrated books for generations. Phaidon and Monacelli share a vision to publish the best books in art and design. 

“This acquisition reinforces our commitment to publish the most distinguished authors and create highly designed and edited books that inspire generations of readers,” said Phaidon CEO Keith Fox, commenting on the announcement.

The Monacelli Press was founded in 1994 by Gianfranco Monacelli and launched with the seminal title S,M,L,XL by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau in 1995. It’s universally acknowledged as a groundbreaking monograph that has remained unsurpassed in terms of its influence on design. Monacelli has gone on to publish more than 400 books on architecture, fine arts, landscape and gardens, photography, and graphic and interior design. 

An applied arts imprint, Monacelli Studio, was launched in 2015, adding art instruction, photography technique, and crafts to Monacelli’s roster.

Fox called The Monacelli Press’s portfolio “an exciting opportunity to accelerate Phaidon’s growth and expand into new categories where Monacelli has excelled for the past twenty-five years.” He singled out some of his personal favorites among the 400 books the company has published, citing a beautiful book on houses in Marfa, Texas (Marfa Modern) and Hotel Chelsea, Colin Miller and Ray Mock’s atmospheric profile of the people and spaces of the legendary New York bohemian haven.

“I am delighted that Phaidon will be the new owner of The Monacelli Press,” said Monacelli founder and CEO Gianfranco Monacelli. “After twenty-five years of publishing influential books that have challenged the conventions of traditional publishing, I cannot think of a better company than Phaidon to carry on our program of provocative and essential titles and to take the Press to the next level.” 

We look forward to bringing you more news about this exciting new chapter in illustrated publishing in the coming weeks and months.