September 27: Breuer’s Bohemia film screening and talk by James Crump

September 27: Breuer’s Bohemia film screening and talk by James Crump

    September 10, 2021



    The Monacelli Press

Date: Monday, September 27
Time: 7 PM EST
Location: Zoom

Join us for a free screening of Breuer’s Bohemia, preceded by a short conversation with director James Crump.

Breuer’s Bohemia surveys a collection of private homes designed by iconic architect-designer Marcel Breuer for his most politically progressive clients between the 1950s and 1970s. More than clients, in fact, these patrons were friends with whom Breuer shared a close-knit and sometimes hedonistic community that included a Who’s Who of postwar-era artists, thinkers, and visionaries.

The companion book written by the director is heavily illustrated with vintage and contemporary photographs as well as rarely seen archival materials. Breuer’s Bohemia is a unique glimpse of a twentieth-century milieu that produced an aesthetic, intellectual, and sometimes sybaritic community during a fertile period of American design and culture.

Glass House Presents is an ongoing series of talks, performances, and other live events that extend the site’s historic role as a gathering place for artists, architects, and other creative minds. This event is co-hosted by New Canaan Library and supported in part by Connecticut Humanities and the New Canaan Community Foundation.

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