October 7: NY Hudson Valley – David Sokol

October 7: NY Hudson Valley – David Sokol

    October 1, 2018



    The Monacelli Press

Date: October 7, 2018
Time: 2pm

Location: Hutton Brickyards, 200 North St. Kingston NY

Book signing with David Sokol author of Hudson Modern: Residential Landscapes 

David Sokol signs Hudson Modern as part of the Field + Supply Craft Fair. The signing takes place at the Rough Draft booth and is sponsored by Modern magazine.

Hudson Modern showcases stunning new houses in the Hudson River Valley that embrace the dramatic settings and cultural bounty of this popular region. As the birthplace of American landscape painting, the Hudson River Valley has long been a refuge from the city and a laboratory for new aesthetic expression. Today, thanks to its ascendant reputation as a weekend utopia, architects are extending that tradition into the built environment. Designing residences that revere local climate, landscape, and history in a distinctly modernist language, these talents are sowing a new Hudson River school of architectural thought.